6-day Simulation for the Whole Family, Summer 2018

Why are we doing this?

“I believe families need a new kind of tool, to help them do what they’ve always wanted to–CHANGE…   and have fun doing it.”  -Allen Levie

Come and participate in a 6-day simulation with us. Bring the whole family.

Before the simulation, there is a full-semester family course teaching politics and preparing the family to engage with a team at a new higher level.

As each member of the family changes, the family itself can become something truly astonishing. This will be better than “the vacation of a lifetime” and will never be forgotten.

What is included?

3 Parts:

  • Receive the Scenario and Start-up Kit: Join us for the personal-relations course in 8 lessons, called 3D-Learning+ at any time during the first 6 months before the simulation.
    • Designed to build a relationship context for the course and simulation, so that when change happens it sticks.
    • Introduces a method for funding the simulation and preparation course.
  • April-May: 30-lesson, one-semester politics course for the whole family
    • By the time your family is finished with this course, our goal is that you will feel the difference on a daily basis.
    • Build family unity, elevated purpose, new tools for productive communication and much more.
    • Gain a new level of understanding regarding government and our situation today
  • Summer 2018: Week-long simulation for the whole family
    • We’re going to have so much fun, make forever memories and a learn to use tools that can be used again and again.
    • Participate in a new kind of family-to-family collaboration and become a founding father of today, using our equivalent of the printing press of the founding era—-internet 3.0. Internet 3.0 is based in what might be called 3D procedures of personal and community change.

What does the 30-lesson family course in politics cover?

  • Each of the three branches of government
    • Skill of diagramming documents
    • Some procedural training for the role you will be playing
    • Guide to help you start using some of these skills in daily life
    • Stories about how and why this type of government came to be
  • Learn some of the basic skills needed to do what our leaders do
    • Write bills
    • Scenario forecast
    • Prepare the opinion for a court ruling
    • Listen, write, speak and read at the next level
  • Personal-leadership skills:
    • Time-management tools
    • Decision making
    • Self-accountability
    • Personality-tools
    • Interpersonal relations

Benefits of the course:

  • Gives normal learning during the school year more meaning, provides a place for application for reading, writing, speaking and calculating
  • Introduces learning and life tools that can be used throughout a person’s lifetime
  • Binds families together in a new way with common language, academic doing, and deep memories
  • Connects multiple families together in a powerful network

How does it work?

  • Semi-online process (teaching will be via online-video and live video conference, but much of the learning will be face-to-face with family members and other local families.)
  • 2 Lessons per week with baby-steps
    • 4 age groups: pre-8, 8-11, 11-15, and 15+
  • One 6-day in-person summer simulation
  • Families work with 3 groups
      • Preparation team: 3-4 other families
      • Character role team: 8 families who have the same character roles but who will participate in different week-long simulation events
      • Committees: 3-4 other families that have the same topical interests. Groups will be either committees, office or case-oriented
  • You get to, with help as needed, customize the course to your unique situation in an ongoing process
  • During the full-week simulation, the other families who are prepared to play the same role in a different week will get to receive written and video summary updates and even engage if their circumstances permit. This provides a resource, vested support and cheerleaders throughout the simulation.

Why will this be so amazing?

  • As far as we know this may be the first family course of this kind. Children see parents engaged and changing.
  • The course is specifically designed to show children how to learn and change.
  • Utilizes a private social network to connect families and involve them synergistically
  • Provides a forum for discussing innovative solutions to society’s current needs.

What does it cost?

  • 3D-Learning personal-relations course: $1+ variable cost based on perceived value
  • Family semester course: $48 per family per month 4 months
  • Week-long simulation: $480 per family includes food and fun
    • See family funding system

What is the long-term vision and purpose of the course?

  • Prepares families for other simulations designed to transform the family
  • Political impact (changing the philosophy of the schoolroom in this generation will affect government of the next and subsequently improve our quality of life by reducing poor political choices)
  • First step toward building the John and Abigail Campus

Can I try it out?

  • Yes and we’d really like to fully engage with your family as you become more familiar with this event
  • We need interest shown by 120 families before we can officially launch.

Will you help us launch by becoming a founding family?

To learn more introduce yourself below:

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How will the logistics work with 60 families averaging 4 children each 350-450 people living and eating at one location for a whole week work?

  • Martha and I admit that this is a large logistics opportunity, but we also know what we are getting into because we have 9 children and come from families of 8 and 9 children. We knew that engaging full-families was the critical component to accomplishing the core purpose of the event, so there will be solutions and systems built in. Families are cellular independent units that, with surprisingly little-added support, can be empowered to do incredible things. We are excited about the challenge and if you’d like to participate on the team that helps make the magic happen please let us know.

What’s the first step?

  • Begin the application process by letting us know you are interested above. We’ll send you an application packet via email.
  • Once accepted you’ll receive the scenario and start-up kit.
  • Participate in the 3D-Learning 8-lesson course.
  • Be prepared to engage with the family preparation course in January

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