John and Abigail Institute For Social Change: A New Kind of College Solution (launch target fall 2018)

Bootcamp: This new kind of college will combine some components of a business incubator, a self-accredited college, and may be described as a boot-camp for life, especially the first 2 years.

Self-Accredited: J&A Institute grants no degree and seeks no accreditation. It does seek full self-accreditation with the goal to eventually be honored by all institutions, while not beholding to any one group. The system is designed so that people will be able to be accepted no matter what next institution of higher learning, job or other paths they seek. The methods for reaching self-accreditation are innovative and surprisingly intuitive.

No Tuition: The school is a for-profit organization and has no monetary cost to students not paid through the student’s work with the institute and associated businesses. Recognizing that the core unit of society is the family unit, the primary goal of the institute is to empower families at what may be the most critical time of life, when families are founded, just before and after marriage.

Problems With Colleges Today: Colleges often unintentionally teach students dependence through, curriculum, food, professors, testing methods, employee mentality, food, housing, student loans, credit cards, etc. Students often leave shackled with debt mentally and financially. Colleges typically do not allow students to sufficiently thrive in a self-determining learning environment. This is the problem and J&A Institute provides an alternative. It is a place of learning where the principles of personal and community stewardship is taught and facilitated.

8-Year 3-step Program: Students work for the Institute for the first two years slowly graduating into the school by working in one of the social change businesses above or others as they emerge. During this process they start with hourly wages, then salary, then freelance piece-work, then residual income with the goal of reaching $1500 per month of royalty-type reoccurring value driven income.

When students have made substantive progress in ownership and self-mastery they begin a rigorous four-year liberal arts study.

This is followed by a 2-year graduating-out process focused on application and impact. They build a portfolio in 4-6 specialty fields and 10-20 secondary fields gaining outside certifications, degrees, and networking with leaders in each field.

Join the KickStarter: If you’d like to know more, please email us. The J& plan is to launch a KickStarter crowd-funding campaign in which 30,000 families engage with the social skills course receiving an average of $300 worth of J& services. If you know of groups that may have an interest or you have skills, particularly web or filming skills, please contact us and let’s talk.

Funding the College: The institute is primarily funded by students who provide services through John and Abigail Institute For Social Change affiliated businesses, including:

  1. Semester-long courses: Designed for the whole family starting with a 2018 course in politics.
  2. Elections: A political tool for campaign reform and government restructuring.
  3. Social skills: A dynamic course that helps build a unique set of four social skills needed for personal, family and community transformation.
  4. Society: An organization that uses simulations to consult the primary 5 functions of society: business, education, religion, government, and family. Undergraduate students will be primarily working with pre-college students where J&A students graduating out will work with institutions of society.
  5. Studio: Social entrepreneurs come onsite to organizing their material into dynamic procedures (dynamic courses) accessed online, the material is organized and filmed then offered together with other procedures through what will be the Archive 360 website. These procedures of change are tools designed to empower people to automate change on the local level.
  6. Family Academy: Tool for families to engage together to help children thrive as they receive a high quality pre-college education, relaunching in 2019 to help fund J&A college students.

The vision of the campus layout: The goal is to eventually have a campus that is not a campus in the traditional sense, i.e. no classrooms, dorms, offices, etc. The physical campus will have 4 labs/shops, 4 business buildings, 2 stables 24 family homes, 160 self-built student homes and farmland all on 40 acres. The campus will attempt to be producing more from the land than it is depleting and be capable of supplying all of its food needs from the campus gardens and farms. It will be an open campus with social entrepreneurs coming to film their material and students often away working with other organizations and communities. The Institute’s subsidiary businesses will become the first organizations to help fund fully sustainable communities fully benefiting from the social change components of the Institute subsidiaries.

THE FIRST STEP FOR J&A.COM CLICK HERE: 6-Day family simulation Summer 2018 and full-semester preparation course.

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