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“Elections 2020”

Politicking: Candidates can seem to be cut out of the same cloth, they’re good at playing the game but less qualified than we’d like. Many voters choose the candidates disliked the least. Candidate (find and/or help prepare): The true non-politicking people are not ambitious and often do not run for office. In the past, these people would be both willing and prepared. Today we need to convince great people to run and then help prepare them with the skills of a statesman and provide support beyond the election.
Doubt: People don’t have hope that if they found a good candidate, he would be able to get elected. Order: There is an order in the campaign process that can make all the difference for any candidate, which helps them better organize and connect with the people. By introducing a new “Elections 2016” strategy people can be inspired with newly founded hope for the candidate.
Zero momentum: The momentum is all in the election, once that is over people stop caring–the perfect peaceful revolution. Just like the French revolutions the people do not self-govern better than they had previously done and we become more dependent on a distant power. Timing: Campaigns should be timed better so each phase occurs with optimal pressure behind it being fueled by the prior phase.
High cost: Campaigns cost way too much with a cost/benefit ratio that is sad and embarrassing. Geographic vs. Personal-relations: Synergetic geography and personal-relations phone-tree type communication and accountability. This will trump any deep pocket “see what sticks” media trick or even negative campaign.
Misplaced paradigm: We expect whoever wins to be responsible for fixing government. Videos: Using videos to pretension an event is one of the best ways to use the internet. Videos can become catalysts that fuel long-term change.
Fog: We don’t know the issues well enough to feel like we can make a difference. Family education: Strengthening the family and building the security and confidence that comes from substantive love is society’s best hope.
It doesn’t matter: The vote we cast makes little difference. Lawmaking follow-up: This is key because laws have become weak and inefficient means of order. Customized personal choice within procedures of change in conjunction with applicable laws can be much more meaningful and enduring.
Apathy: People don’t care to take the time to be aware of what we are voting on and who we are voting for. Simulations: Experiential learning is like magic, not only is it entertaining like reality shows, but it inspires preparational learning and results in new self-awareness and desire to change.

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