We build the family by training and preparing each player in a family member’s education so that when they come together magic happens, just like in a simulation.

Summer 2018 6-Day Family Simulation and Preparation Course. The course is for the whole family.


The John and Abigail Adams Academy (JAAA) Jr. High and Highschool concepts were developed in 2006 and will allow us to extend some of the tools we use on the J&A Campus out to younger people. A Jr. High version of this program was successfully piloted in 2010 and is ready for launch in Fall 2019 to help fund students of the College.

The Academy prepares young people to use these educational tools in their future higher learning settings. It is a full program allowing parents and students to customize the tools to their needs while offering guidance and support, even live-online coaching and inspiration.

The academy uses a preparatory version of the tools that stabilize learning on the local personal level used by the studio, simulations, social-skills courses, etc. It also provides some introductory insight into the 4-year liberal arts portion of the J&A Campus and funds the students who will be attending the college.

To learn more join the pilot list and we’ll send important notifications as the 2018-19 launch date approaches. You can also join a group that meets quarterly to discuss how the JAAA principles can be integrated into existing homeschool and other education settings.


Please go to 6-Day family simulation Summer 2018 and preparation course page to engage with us now.

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