Mini-courses are informal and allow us to teach and to learn from you as we engage. We want to help you and to begin to build the John and Abigail Campus. So this is a way we can introduce some small pieces of it and introduce the family course we are offering.

The first four free mini-courses:

Family Simulations: Are your children engaged with learning and want it badly? Simulations make it real. Sometimes its difficult to give it the right context to help them understand why they are learning.

This is fun. Kids play “house” for fun. Take it to the next level and add parents to the mix and I think we can surprise ourselves with the results.

Transformational speaking: Learning to form ideas into thoughts and thoughts into words can be tough but is also one of the most important skills used in all aspects of life. Speaking even in front of a crowd can be fun and powerful for anyone with a little direction and practice.

The Colors of Genius: We are convinced that you align with two of 4 colors (red, blue, purple or yellow), and that these colors correspond with your gifts or genius. You’ve heard it before, “everyone is a genius”. . .  but what does that mean? You’d be surprised at how much you want to be understood . . . and how much being understood depends on how well you know your own genius. We will help you discover the color of your genius and help you take a huge step toward being understood. It all begins when you can see the genius in the people around you.

How to host a Shakespeare play:
Having people over to the house turns on the adrenaline and doing so can change your relationships forever. Tackling a Shakespeare play requires some finesse. This mini-course suggests some tips and tricks that make it all the more doable and meaningful.

Other free courses on the docket:

Humor: Humor should be taught and is not. Sarcasm is the natural but crude default and the effects are sad.

Power of Art: Sometimes we think of art as hobbyists or mega enthusiasts.

Education blitz: Take education by surprise by introducing some unused often unrecognized tools.

Visual tradition: We are barraged by the visual media which has been gathering momentum since the Television made its debut. With the computer, handhelds and other distractions our lives are scarce our own. Even so, the visual tradition may hold the key to solving the problems of our day.

Dickens Christmas: Treat your family and friends to a Christmas drama in the Dickens tradition.

Fun Cures for Societal Ills: We try to keep this light as we poke fun at ourselves and suggest some solutions to the problems we face.

Euclid: A Few Propositions: Since working with his students in an Idaho Jr. High and Highschool, Allen has missed teaching Euclid’s propositions. He even developed a special  procedure for approaching them.

Geometric etymology: Diagraming words can help students look at learning differently. Defining words makes learning personal and the process becomes valuable tool for learning. A way to avoid the stale carrots and sticks methods.

Tips family story telling: Personalizing learning with stories can really become a learned art form.

Choose your own adventure: Give us a topic and we’ll have some fun.

See J&A STEP #1: 6-Day Family Simulation Summer 2018 and Preparation Course.

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