Why MyClassroomCommunity?

MCC families engage at a new level of education.
Get to know and serve other powerful families
Explore and discover new levels of individual and family potential
Relationships become more meaningful
Education is stabilized (motivation, habits, self-confidence, meaning, self-accountability, transitions, presence, social capability, and impact)
Technology becomes more relevant and usable as self-publishing to personal-relations become integral parts of learning for children and parents

How do we do it?
By magnifying talents and gifts as families connect together
By introducing new ways of learning, then providing examples, support and step-by-step instructions
By providing an audience; we learn most when we teach (non-intrusive but accessible and familiar)
By supporting the process of change, tracking it from point A to B
By fixing the “not-enough-time” problem
By making eyeball-to-eyeball non-computer time mean more
By cultivating family self-awareness through attention, coaching and hard work

What we do together:
Read and discuss (books and coursework)
Write then give and receive feedback
Participate in experiential reflective learning through simulations
Build our families step-by-step academically and socially using MCC tools, which enable and stimulate better in-person interaction.
Engage periodic surveys, exchange notes, calls, sharing what we produce via email and postings, etc.

What MCC currently offers:
Profile development and family inventory and exploration (at least one personal phone call interview)
The first year, as families get to know each other, we will be participating in four courses in social communication in elocution, personal-relations management (3D-Learning), family dating and table manners.

In 2018 or 2019, as the community becomes better established, MCC will offer:
Video “how-to” training for simulations, leading colloquia, oral examinations, commonplace books, epiphany rate, bard poetry competitions, etc.
Coordinated calendar of classes for each semester (updated monthly)
Various daily colloquia and classes
Various classes taught by parents and students of the community (some recurring and some just single experiences)
Monthly simulations and simulation competitions
Monthly creative work venues (with feedback and awards)

What community members will eventually do (2019+):
Facilitate one colloquium per family per semester.
Colloquia will be fun and low pressure occurring naturally with no obligation or expectation. 
Teach a class each semester on some topic of interest or need (a one-time class or semester-long)
Give feedback to the speeches and creative works of others
Participate in the simulation and writing competitions as families or individually
Be full-participants or observers in various classes, colloquia, and simulations
Write testimonials and give MCC feedback on your experience
Be interested and ask questions, allowing people to teach and teach themselves

School year (Sept-Apr)

$280 (Sept-Apr $35/month) with $25 onetime fee for first family profile consultation.

Contact information:
Phone: 540-817-5441

Getting started:
Step #1 Fill out your family application
Step #2 Develop family profile
Step #3 Family profile consultation
Step #4 Develop family profile (part 2)
Step #5 Begin connecting with other families in September as we launch into the social communications material.

Social Communication Course:
Elocution (Martha)
3D-Learning (Allen) A course changing the way we connect with personal-relations, it changes the way learning happens at the same time.
Family dating and parent dating (Allen and Martha)
Family Table-manners and etiquette (Allen and Martha)

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