Social Change Reimagined

The John and Abigail Institute For Social Change provides services that families individuals and communities can use to transform their lives. These include newly pioneered courses, events and consulting.

We live in a time when our ability to communicate from a distance is astounding. If this newfound ability to communicate is not checked, it can also become our Achilles heel.

The institute fulfills its purpose by adding substance to local face-to-face interaction while optimizing distant relations in each different role. We help connect a person’s local and distant friends to join the process of personal, family and community change.

 JohnandAbigail.com includes:

  • Political Action Team and Resources
  • Family Education Tools
  • A Higher Education Solution
  • Social Change Business Incubator

The college will prepare students within their natural family and extended support networks with the education needed to engage with the social solutions found at JohnandAbigail.com and the associated social transformation services help fund students on their journeys.

JohnandAbigail.com provides courses and projects both in-person and online, building toward a physical campus of higher learning which will provide an ownership centered 8-year program at the critical time in life when families are founded. Students are funded in part by working for JohnandAbigail.com

One might wonder why the Institute is named after John and Abigail Adams (1735-1826), especially given its innovative approach to the law and institutions of today. Amid pivotal and turbulent times John and Abigail Adams were able to build a relationship of support and friendship while helping to change the destiny of the world. The John and Abigail Campus is centered on building the core unit of society—the family.

In summary, JohnandAbigail.com strives to help change the way people change and has made some discoveries and experimented with a few ways of doing this over the years. We’re ambitious and believe we have conceptualized some innovative catalytic tools.

We believe that we can help change the way that elections work, change the way colleges and higher education works, change the way government works, change the way that families learn, change the way people communicate with their personal-relations, change the way businesses generate value, change the way society responds to crisis, change the way that law works, change the way that people date, change the way people speak, and change the way classrooms work, effectively filling the void created by the post printing press, post industrial and post internet 1.0 and 2.0 worlds.

Fixing just one of these problems opens the door for the next solution, we are currently addressing some of the problems that commercial yeast has caused and attempting to help prevent a generational full-scale catastrophe regarding digestion and bioavailability of the basic nutrients derived from wheat.

One last thought in regards to sustainability; we cannot be a sustained help to the “Bottom Billion[s]” of the earth until we make real progress fixing the problems of the “Billions In-between”.

THE FIRST STEP CLICK HERE: Go to the Summer 2018 family 6-day simulation and preparation course.