Social Skills

Four 2-month Courses

Course #1 Teaches a person how to manage their personal-relations

It does this by teaching people how to apply personal-relations to the process of education. People will learn about cycles, appreciation letters, they’ll recognize different types or relations and how to approach them differently. The overall goal is to awaken dormant personal-relations and to not let any relations fall through the inevitable cracks created by time and changes in circumstance.

This is what happens; each of the person’s personal-relationships chooses to engage at a different level and frequency so that relationships gradually and consistently improve and the productive use of time is multiplied for everyone.

Course #2 Teaches transformational speaking.

Learn through cyclical application and by applying the same principles in each exercise, building habits in varying areas of life. Skills will be reinforced through events and personal-relations so that elocution becomes a cherished art, skill and tool as life expands and deepens.

Course #3 Helps build good table manners

Each family member prepares to play a role in 8 different weekly simulations. By the time the 8 simulations are complete family members will value the time they spend eating together so much that it will make a lasting difference in each person’s life.

Course #4 Engages the family in a new kind of dating.

The principles learned in this course can also be applied to dating to getting married when that time comes. Dating has traditionally been a series of events. The goal is to change the concept of dating to be a process of growing together. This way, when marriage does happen, there will be momentum for a couple’s combined development. We believe that establishing the habit of dating best occurs in the family when children are young. The parents share their experiences with children fortifying their confidence and capability to build quality lasting relationships.

These 4 courses also help to fund J&A Campus and prepare people for the other personal, family and community transformation services offered through J&

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