Simulations Institute uses roleplaying scenarios to help change individuals, communities and eventually society.

The 3rd Option:  Simulations center around a role-playing event where participants get into character and attempt to solve some problem within a certain amount of time. In essence the central challenge of almost any simulation is to come to an agreement, usually a 3rd option occasioned by a surprising turn of events after the group gels, usually about half-way through the event. It is followed by an out of character debrief and a follow-up challenge.

Energy and Perspective: Simulations serve several purposes both on and off the J&A Campus. First they stimulate and facilitate learning, keeping it lively. Second, the institute gives the college students a chance to go out into the world and work with groups who are engaged in non-staged non-scripted performance, participants giving their very best. College students see people in a very real way when they work with them through simulations. This helps develop broad perspective including different world-views and trends.

Funding: Simulations also provide another means of college students can use to earn money. Early-on, students work to help youth and youth organizations get the most out of simulations. More experienced students work with the decision making organizations of society, using simulations to help them self-reorient and self-direct their efforts in government, religion, business, education and family.

Simulations are an important part of almost every course or service offered through

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