3D-Procedures of Social Change: This is a filming studio, a web team and a think-tank dedicated to helping social entrepreneurs build automated procedures, each procedure becoming a key tool and catalyst for a particular social change.

Changing the StatusQuo: The Information Age is not just about sharing, but doing. Or, perhaps doing is the next “age”.

When a procedure is created and offered online, it can be accessed by individuals or groups that want to improve themselves and their community. Procedures of personal and community transformation can last 6 months to 2 years. Once engaged, each procedure is customized by participants and applied to their unique circumstances. The Archive360º process of community change is essentially a choose-your-own adventure for each participant, building one phase upon the next until real long-term change becomes more possible than most people imagine. As with a simulation, each player in the community is prepared independently so that when they come together the magic happens.

Engineered SnowBalls: These automated procedures will be found on a website somewhat like with reviews, ratings, video introductions and live-chat options with the social entrepreneur. Once a person concludes their experience, they can see other procedures of change and engage with them as well. Many procedures will be synergistic due to the common methods used to accomplish the desired change. Each procedure is constructed using what is refried to as the 6 elements of community transformation.

Funding Engines: The studio is called Archive360º and is a key funding engine for building J&A Campuses and students. A cutting edge studio facility will be part of each J&A Campus.

THE FIRST STEP FOR J&A.COM CLICK HERE: 6-Day family simulation Summer 2015 and full-semester preparation course.

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