What Do We Do About Government? What about the Schoolroom?

Abraham Lincoln is attributed with saying “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next”. The statement begs the question, what type of government stems from our current education system? Please take a few seconds, stop reading and think about that.

Why is the US Legislature’s approval rating so low that it is grating on the street, all tires flat, both parties? The President’s fan club has all but left the building. Yet we clamor for solutions from government. Cities, states and individuals are dependent on grants and entitlements. How can we expect things to improve when we are in such a state? Do we have a generation that can establish a better schoolroom philosophy?

It is said that freedom must be paid for in sacrifice, either the blood sacrifice of humbling war or going to the Savior Jesus Christ, swallowing our pride and turning our hearts to Him. Yet even war and hardship will not compel people to be humble without them choosing it. I am for the latter. Can we do it now before a generation passes? If so, what a challenge. Are we up to it?

This still leaves the question of schoolroom philosophy unanswered. Is the question referring to precollege education or college education or both? Or is it something else entirely? We have, as a society, chosen to adopt a standard form of education. I would venture to guess that less than 1% of 1% of the population has not opted in to this model. Perhaps the model is best reflected in the typical student.

    1. Students depend on someone else to develop curriculum and give assignments
    2. Students depend on others to grow their food and prepare it
    3. Students depend on an economy to provide them jobs
    4. Students learn a small fraction of what is available to learn
    5. Students depend on others to make their things

In listing these observations it sounds like blaming someone or everyone, even if it includes the blamer. This type of assigning blame may be another failing of our educational philosophy. Many accept these 5 observations as true and almost all believe strongly that they are good and right. Libertarians believe we shouldn’t be dependent on government but often accept dependence for education. We have enjoyed a free society with a strong economy and marketplace. We have been the most wealthy and prosperous people to ever walk the earth so it makes sense to go with the status quo right?

Why should we be surprised if our government matches this undergirding philosophy of dependence? It is after all what we know and what we demand. How can this change? People also might say “society doesn’t just change over night” and “the last thing you want is for society to change too rapidly. If it does, the rich will just get richer and the poor poorer or worse.” I don’t believe it.

We were born for these times and these circumstances. There are answers. Stating them in a few sentences will not be enough. Perhaps a careful discussion of each problem and solution will serve as a starting point to meeting the needs. JohnandAbigail.com is also moving forward with implementation of some solutions:

    1. Whole family semester-long politics course and weeklong simulation
    2. Elections reform for 2016
    3. Ownership campus of higher learning (starting with a local community bread oven and bakery)
    4. Social skills medley 8-month course
    5. Simulations that change society
    6. Studio that films social entrepreneurial procedures, engaging society in a new way
    7. Online family-based liberal arts academy,  Jr. High and High School

Enjoy the website and please contribute where you see fit.

–Allen Levie
I’m anxious to work with you toward a better tomorrow.

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