Other Writings

These are either rough drafts for papers or manuscripts begging to become books. Let’s call them ebooks in progress right now:

Billions In-Between and The New Nature of Statesmanship

This is an international development article written in the style of a Foreign Affairs article that suggests that we need to focus not on the hundred million at the top or on the bottom billions but rather that our hope lies in mobilizing the billions in-between to solve there own problems first.

The Visual Tradition: The Coming Shift In Democracy

This is an attempt at framing the concept suggesting that the oral tradition was followed by the written tradition and that a subsequent visual tradition is developing now and will have a similar exponential effect on the written that the written had on the oral in freedom, money and power.

New Future Cycle

This is a paper written as an undergraduate that suggests a new approach to time and what must be done to make a difference both as an individual and as a society. A theory of time is here introduced using the New Future Cycle diagram.

Other writings for reference:



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